NSAFN APK v1.7 For Android Free
July 11, 2023


In the bustling city of Fazclaire, there exists a nightclub like no other. NSAFN APK is an immersive recreation that puts you in the shoes of a shield manager, responsible for maintaining order and preventing undesirable situations from occurring within the club. With a charismatic storyline and captivating gameplay, NSAFN APK offers a thrilling experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Nightclub Setting:

Step into the world of NSAFN APK, where the nightclub becomes the hottest spot for people to relieve their stress every night. As the shield manager, your primary duty is to ensure the safety and security of everyone who enters the club. Your sleepless nights on the night shift will be filled with monitoring activities, performing assigned tasks, and confronting potential risks.

Challenging Tasks and Rewards:

Completing each night’s assignment successfully in NSAFN APK will reward you with not only substantial amounts of money but also a variety of useful items to aid you in the next night’s challenges. However, as the nights progress, the threats become more severe, demanding your utmost attention and caution.

Vigilance and Surveillance:

To maintain control and prevent any untoward incidents, you must be vigilant and keep a watchful eye on every corner of the club. Utilize the camera system to monitor activities, and embark on regular patrols to ensure a trouble-free environment. Your ability to anticipate and respond to potential issues will be crucial in your quest to maintain order.

New Features and Updates:

NSAFN APK offers a full range of new features and updates, keeping the game fresh and exciting for players. The game’s various mission systems will take you on unexpected adventures, requiring you to think on your feet and employ your intelligence, strength, and ingenuity to solve situations. With each unique environment, you’ll have the opportunity to approach challenges differently, tailoring your actions to suit your preferred style of problem-solving.


Embark on an exhilarating journey as a shield manager in NSAFN APK, where you’ll face thrilling scenarios and test your abilities to maintain order in a bustling nightclub. With its immersive gameplay, charismatic storyline, and a host of new features, this game promises to captivate players and provide endless hours of entertainment. Are you ready to take on the challenge and ensure the safety of Fazclaire’s nightclub? Download NSAFN APK now and immerse yourself in this gripping world of excitement and danger.

Download NSAFN APK v1.7 For Android Free on Android and enjoy the latest version V1.7 - here we're discussing the app's VV1.7 details and features. This app has been added by SEGERSSAG on APKShout.com and last updated on July 11, 2023 - download file in just 15MB on your device, it supprts all Android 4.0 and higher devices.


How to Download APK and Install on Android?

To install this app, just follow this instructions below. First of all, you'll need an APK file or go to Play Store. If you have APK then follow installtion steps other directly install from Google Play Store.

  1. Proceed to click on the button Download APK (15MB)
  2. Choose the latest vV1.7 is recommended
  3. Save the file and open the APK
  4. Enable Unknown Sources and then tap install
  5. Click and Install the App on your Android

Done, APK is installed on your Android, now you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is this free and legal to download?

Answer: Yes, this is free and you can legally download it from here. The latest version V1.7 is updated on July 11, 2023, get it for 15MB(s).

Question: Is the latest version paid?

Answer: No, you can get the latest VV1.7 is free, and you may see sponsored ads. But if you want to support the creator then buy the premium version.

Question: Is this app/source safe?

Answer: Apkshout.com has tested its version V1.7, this app, and the source is safe for use.


This was all about the app's latest version V1.7, download and enjoy! If you have any questions to ask then do a comment! In case of any problem with app, please contact Author SEGERSSAG - if you are using an older version then update it now to latest update July 11, 2023 VV1.7. Also, check other posts: Lazy Girl APK v1.0 Free Download For Android, Monopoly Go Apk v1.7.0 Free For Android, Brain Academy 1 download apk v1.1 For Andorid, Nudify APK V1.2.0 2023 Free for Android Download.


July 11, 2023
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